Flexible PVC Pipe

Flexible PVC Pipe

Flexible PVC Pipe

2" Pipe, 50 feet
Price - $159.00
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Optional Models

1" Pipe, 50 feet - $119.00
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1 ½" Pipe, 50 feet - $139.00
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Description & Specifications

Our Flexible PVC is made of F.D.A. non-toxic formulation with virgin resins and high quality plastizer.

Advantages of Flexible PVC Piping

  • Simplifies plumbing layouts and installations
  • Easily gets into hard-to-get-at spots
  • Is sun, ozone and mildew resistant (we do not recommend continual sunlight)
  • Coils for shipping
  • Conforms to almost any contour
  • Has less heat loss compared to copper and steel piping
Frequently Asked Questions
How flexible is this pipe?
2" pipe has a bend radius of about 4 feet and 1/2" pipe a bend radius of about 2 1/2 feet. You'll be able to greatly reduce the number of fittings used for most applications. Once you have used this flexible pipe, you'll wonder why everyone doesn't use this product.

How many feet are in a full roll?
Pondexpo.com sells full rolls, 50 feet in length.
What is the working temperature of this PVC pipe?
Just like regular white PVC schedule 40 rigid pipe that you see everywhere, flexible PVC pipe is not designed for high temperatures. At 70 F degrees the working pressure of this flexible PVC pipe ("hose") is a maximum of 60 psi. Please do not confuse this with regular, straight PVC schedule 40 pipe. This flexible PVC pipe is rated at a maximum of 60 psi at 70 degrees while the hard, straight, rigid PVC schedule 40 pipe (that is sold in most home centers and plumbing stores) is rated at higher pressures.

Is the outside as smooth as straight PVC?
This is flexible, schedule 40 PVC pipe but the outside isn't quite as smooth as straight PVC.

This seems like such a great product! Can I use it for more than just ponds?
Absolutely! We highly recommend this flexible pipe for sprinkler lines that see abuse. Heads that are attached with rigid pipe can easily break when pushed or stood on. Using this flexible schedule 40 PVC pipe will greatly reduce the chance of damage. For pond lines this is also pipe that can't be beat. But do note that the maximum pressure at 70 degrees is 60 psi and should not be used in "closed-end", continual max. 60 psi applications. PVC piping is not for hot water.

I don't see where you sell glue for this pipe...
We recommend a quality purple primer/cleaner and a thick PVC solvent (such as Christy's Red Hot) to join this pipe to regular PVC fittings. We do not ship/sell solvents/primers due to flammable shipping charges. It is much cheaper for you to buy solvents locally.

Are the sizes the same as 'standard' PVC?
Yes, this pipe has the same sizing as 'standard' (most common) schedule PVC pipe and will fit all PVC schedule 40 fittings.