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Vacuum Bottom Drain

Tetra Bottom Drains

Tetra Bottom Drain

For use with pond liners. Allows debris to be removed from the bottom of the pond. Connect to any suction line - pump or skimmer with PVC pipe (not included).

Tetra Vacuum Bottom Drain

Removes debris that settles to the lowest point of the pond. No excavation required- allowing for easy retrofitting of existing ponds. Connect to any suction line, pump or skimmer with pvc pipe or flexible hose. Even works great with swimming pool flex hose.

Description & Specifications

Drains allow you to continuously remove debris that accumulates at the pond bottom so they can be pumped into a pond filter. An important accessory for achieving optimal water quality, and is ideal for Koi ponds. Install at the deepest point of the pond. The product is easy to install. If you have questions as to how to install these, give us a call. We'll help you.

The Tetra bottom drain requires excavation in the pond bottom (new or renovated construction), while the Tetra Vacuum Drain is installed in existing ponds without excavation. These models are no longer available. Call for Replacements

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